Cedar Swamp Historical Society was founded in 1976, spurred by both the national Bicentennial wave of historical nostalgia and alarm at the continued loss of historic structures and landscapes in the bucolic Cedar Swamp region. While our membership and activities have reduced over time, our current leadership and board continue to work to raise awareness of the rich heritage and natural beauty of the area, research, hold events celebrating it, and work behind the scenes on historic and land preservation issues. There’s much to do, and a helping hand by interested parties is most certainly welcome.

Steve Russell Boerner is the president of the Society; he is archivist of the Underhill Society of America, Inc., in nearby Oyster Bay Hamlet, and was archivist at the East Hampton Library Pennypacker Long Island Collection for 15 years.  Drawing on his land surveying background, Steve specializes in land records and cartographic information and has applied this to our vicinity with cataloging and a variety of related projects.